About My IBD

I have an Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD). To be precise I have Ulcerative Colitis (UC). My blog is all about how I manage my condition with a serious and dedicated exercise regime.

Now obviously this is not intended for those seriously relapsing or whose condition is much more debilitating than mine. And I shouldn’t underplay mine (my mum would hate me, she says I forget how ill I have been) because I have been seriously ill. But we all have been.

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And is that bad? To be honest, I don’t really think so. I believe we have a choice with the pain that comes our way: do we utilise it to empower us or let it defeat us? I chose and still choose the former. My aim in this blog is to explain HOW I let it empower me through exercise and loving my body which sought to attack itself.

My diagnosis

I don’t think anyone wants to read my medical history so I’ll keep it brief:

I was diagnosed whilst on holiday in France in August 2009, aged 15, after having been in a constant state of pain for a couple of years. I was treated with Pentasa, enemas, Azathioprine, and I forget what else, but nothing helped. I was then hospitalised in January 2010 with severe pan-colitis and put on intravenous steroids.

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As the serious geeky and I-can’t-miss-school girl I was, I asked the nurse if they could admit me in a few weeks time over the February half term as it was GCSE year and I couldn’t miss school. Unsurprisingly she said no.

After looking like a hamster for months, the steroids did the job and I came into remission. I was then kept on a high dose of Azathioprine which made me feel like crap but I took this to be the new ‘normal’ as it kept me in remission.

This was until May 2015 when I got food poisoning whilst visiting my ex-boyfriend abroad. According to my Consultant, this most likely triggered my next relapse.

Fast-forward to September 2015 and I was back studying in Bordeaux for my fourth and final year of University.

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I got worse pretty suddenly experiencing all the usual symptoms, and the weight was dropping off me. The Doctors tried me on various meds, including oral and rectal steroids. This time however, steroids were ineffective – I am apparently now steroid-resistant. I was shortly hospitalised and put on some strong ass meds which slowly got me back into remission.

It took until early 2017 to get me into full remission.

Why only then? Because I finally got put onto Humira (adalimumab) injections. Goodbye daily meds: I now only inject once every two weeks and am solidly in remission (touch wood) with no nasty side effects.

However, the injections are far from the only reason why I am in such great physical and mental health as this blog aims to show.

Z x